Thursday, April 25, 2013

OOTD ~ Grungy Leather

Autumn Chaos Top : Rosyruby (link here) $39
Skip With Me Skirt: Rosyruby (Link here) $39
Night Patrol Shoes: Rosyruby (link here)  $79
Necklace: Zara                                         $35

Total Cost For This Look: $192

I know i have not blog in AGES~ But i have been super busy with work and my business , plus i am now stressing out on my CPA Exam which is due on the 30th. 5 more friggin days to study!
I got tired of studying and decided to do some fashion shoot for fun. Not too happy with the photos but i think that is the best its going to get with a normal camera and very bad weather (No sun! It was turning dark).
 Hmm.. thinking of turning this blog into a more fashion/make-up review blog. What do you think?

Now to end this post with selfie photos.

P/S: To the PERSON who emailed me asking if i was dead, the answer is obviously no.


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Deidre said...

Hey babe~~miss u blogging! do post more often ;) n I love your outfit <3