Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today has got to be the most Random day ever.

Today has got to be the most RANDOM day of my life.

It went something like this.

I was working at a restaurant at Westfield Marion.

I was serving a bunch of people.

 Than the fire alarm went off.

 Than Shit got real and i could actually smell burn rubber. 3 Westfield lady came barging into the restaurant and told us to get the customers to leave and we had to close because there is an actual fire at the center of the mall.

After half an hour, the fire has still not been located.

 We all left the restaurant to be busybodies and join the crowd to see where the fire is. All i saw was 3 firemen entering ABC shop. 

Before i did anything else, the assistant chef grab my arm and pointed to a bunch of people that i was serving earlier and said"Alan Crow Captain! Alan Crow Captain!" 

I said who the F is Alan Crow?
He proceed to yell Alan Crow at me.

So i ask another guy who Alan Crow is and he said its not Alan Crow, he is trying to say Adelaide Crow Captain.

So....i was actually serving Adelaide Crow Footie Captain without even realizing it.

 I met Nathan Van Berlo tonight. Sadly i don't watch football.
I think that's the closest i will ever get to meeting any real celebrity.

 After 5minutes of persuading each other to get his autograph, i finally had the guts to ask him for it.
Than i gave it to the Assistant Chef just because he looked so happy, like a kid on Xmas day .

I thought i could get off work early today .
However an hour later we were told everything is fine and we could resume business.
So for the next remaining one hour all i did was serve a table of 4 people.

Because the rest of the customers ran away during the fire warning and never came back.

 Life is really like a box of chocolate.You will never know what you are going to get in life.

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