Monday, May 28, 2012

Does Boobs Size Matter?

So today i met someone interesting. She had a cup of latte while i had a cup of hot chocolate. This than lead to random conversation where we ended up talking about Facebook friends. Story cut short, i saw a really obscene picture of herself and told her to take it down.

This is how the conversation went.

Le Me: Can you please don't post that picture up? It' really obscene.
Le Friend: Why not? I'm only showing a little bit of my skin.
Le Me: Dude! Your Nen Nen (Boobs) nearly fall out of your top can.
Le Friend: Why you so old fashion. Nobody cares ok. Haven't you heard? The deeper your cleavage is, the deeper your career. How do you think models get famous?
Le Me: *Speechless* What about self-respect?
Le Friend: Wtf. How has this got to do with self respect? I'm not sleeping around or anything.

So today i learn that :  

"The deeper your cleavage is, the deeper your career is." 

Than it got me thinking. How True is this statement?

I actually think she is right. Unfortunately majority of men out there have the one and only same weakness. And that is Boobs. The bigger they are, the more attention men gives to them.

For example, I have a friend who loves sharing photos of herself where she expose her cleavage on Facebook and without fail, it always attracts more "likes" than any of her other normal photos . When i say normal i mean not much expose skin involve. Hence, it is obvious enough to say showing your cleavage to the world does attract attention and increase a person popularity. In a good way or not, I dont know.

However, another thing that has also come to my attention are models( not necessarily good looking) with big boobs tend to get MOST of the attention compared to another pretty model with only a size B cup perhaps.They tend to get more jobs and promotions. I have seen so many disgusting men commenting on models with huge boobs on how pretty/hot/fuckable they are and sadly no comments on models with an average chest size.

What has the world become. It is like any girl with a 32D chest and a 24 inch waist can get anything they want. Money from modelling/escorting, Cheeko guys (Mainly old and perverted) with loads of money and basically anything they want.

Imagine a B cup prostitute and a D cup prostitute waiting patiently together in the waiting room for customers. Both are equally good looking and skilled in bed. As a "hamsap" man who will you pick? Of course D la, more for your money's worth what.

So i do agree with the above statement but boobs are definitely not everything. It is definitely a CHEAP way of getting any form of attention but it does help in advancing a certain career. However, i always believe that raw talent is the one that keeps the attention going.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree? 

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Anonymous said...


Hmm was this girl Asian??

Cause i think that Asians have taken the image thing further then whiteys

I think it is cheap.
I am man (from your town and found this randomly) anyway... I LOVE hot girls even though i am not hot. I think when lose some weight and wear nicer clothes i'll be good and ready. I wanty real sexy girl but you know sexy clothes etc at appropriate time like in bedroom.

It's sad when girls become chauvinist pigs too!